Essential oil of Hélichryse Italienne - 5mL / 10mL

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Quantity: 5 mL or 10 mL           Origin: France

The essential oil of Hélichryse Italienne is got by hydrodistillation of the leading experts full of flowers of the Italian Immortal (Helichrysum Italicum Italicum).

Cultivated, harvested and transformed in the south of France.

The Italian hélichryse is one of the varieties the most sought-after of the plant more commonly nicknamed "Undying". Endemic of the Mediterranean, this rural kind is harvested from the end of the spring to be notably distilled.

It is after 2 - 3 hours when is extracted the essential oil. Italian will be needed between 3 and 5 kilogrammes of hélichryse to get the equivalent of a bottle of 5 mL.

The smell is characteristic, herbaceous, almost seasoned.

100 % Pure, natural, entire, Traçable.

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