Essential oil of Rosemary - 10mL

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Quantity: 10 mL Origin: Tunisia

The essential oil of Rosemary is got by distillation of leaves of the rosemary (Rosmarinius officinalis).

Cultivated, harvested and transformed in the north centre of Tunisia.

The rosemary pushes top spontaneously in sets of North Africa. Complex, the transportation towards distilleries requests the full cooperation of the pickers and of the distillers. The rosemary is first dried, losing 2/3 of its weight, then stocked before being distilled.

It is after 2 hours when is extracted the essential oil. It will be needed 300g dry rosemary to get the equivalent of a bottle of 10 mL.

H.E develops a smell fraiche, camphorated, aromatic.

100 % Pure, natural, entire, Traçable.

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