Essential oil of Fine Lavender - 10mL

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Quantity: 10 mL Origin: France

Our essential oil of lavender is got by hydrodistillation of leading experts full of flowers of fine lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia Mill).

Cultivated, harvested and transformed in the South is from France.

This quality is got from lavenders cultivated in altitude, in more than 800 metres. At the beginning of July, leading experts and stems are cut and left on the field to dry there, they speak about "pretossing". They are then routed to distilleries.

It is after about 1 h when is extracted the essential oil. It will be needed about 0,5 kilogrammes of lavender to get the equivalent of a bottle of 10 mL.

The smell is aromatic, rural, and subtly flower, characteristics of Provence.

100 % Pure, natural, entire, Traçable.

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