Essential Oil of Fresh Ginger - 10mL

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Quantity: 10 mL Origin: Madagascar

The essential oil of fresh ginger is obtained by hydrodistillation of the ginger rhizomes (Zingiber officinalis).

 Cultivated, harvested and processed in eastern Madagascar.

Ginger is harvested young from April, after 7 to 8 months in the ground. The small rhizomes are cleaned on arrival at the distillery to remove the residual soil. They will then be ground and then distilled in a bottom of water.

It is after 8 hours that the essential oil is extracted. It will take between 3 and 4 kilograms of ginger to obtain the equivalent of a 10 mL bottle.

The smell is characteristic, spicy and lemony over several hours.

100% Pure, Natural, Integral, Traceable.

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