Crude Camomile Oil-5mL/10mL

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Quantity: 5 mL or 10mL Origin: Italy

The essential oil of the Roman chamomile is obtained by hydro distillation of the dried flowering heads of the plant (Anthemis Nobilis).

Cultivated, harvested and processed in the North West of Italy.

Camomile is harvested from mid-June to mid-August, when the capitula mature. Hand-picking leads to 3 to 4kg of fresh flowers per hour. It will then be necessary to dry 5kg of capitula to obtain 1kg of mass ready for distillation.

It is after 3 hours that the essential oil is extracted. It will take approximately 1 kilograms of dried chamomile to obtain the equivalent of a 5mL bottle, the double for 10 mL.

The smell is characteristic, fruity and ageless, herbaceous.

100 % Pure, Natural, Integral, Traceable. 

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