NARAW - Use Recommendations

NARAW defends the idea of hedonic use (for the pleasure mainly) of its products.


However, we know that each and every one of you is looking for different uses for natural products, ranging from soft medicine through theAromatherapy, to the well-beingolfactotherapy, or for daily use (food, cosmetics, cleaning).

We will try to provide as much information as possible for each product about the possibilities of use and the limits of it. You can find them according to our communication on social networks, as well as on our product listings.


Essential oils

Essential oils are naturally present in some parts of the plants from which they come (Feuilles, herbs and stems, flowers, buds, wood, bark, lichens, resins, exudates, fruits and zests, seeds, roots, rhizomes).

With yields often less than 1% (see 0.1% for Neroli for example), essential oils are extracted from plants, forming concentrate so-called "volatile" molecules of the latter. They should therefore be used with certain precautions, as they consist of a set of aromatic molecules, some of which can have a detrimental effect on health depending on their concentration.

The word "pharmakon", used in Ancient Greece to characterize both the remedy and the poison, underlines the importance of the use and dosage of everything.

NARAW will provide, with and for its essential oils, indications and restrictions of use. At the bottom of each of the product pages, you will be able to find a reminder of the possible uses of these pages. These indications will also be attached to the product when purchasing.

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Vanilla is primarily a food product.

Sold in the form of pods of different grades, they retain a moisture level (depending on the grade, 25-35% in general), and should therefore be kept away from direct light and heat.

The pod can be used in culinary preparation, but also the flavoring of spirits or liquids (oils, syrups).