NARAW - Product Traceability Policy

NARAW wishes to transmit to its customers a maximum of information relating to the origin of the products which are offered to them. Thus, we will always indicate:

  • The geographic origin of the product. We source from a single producer for each product referenced, which are therefore all 100% traceable.


  • Information on the manufacturing process, the production date (indicated on the manual attached to the product purchased). If the product comes from a combination of productions from different dates, we will specify this information.

For reasons of protection of our producers vis-à-vis other local actors, we cannot unfortunately indicate the exact origin of the manufacturing.

For information, NARAW also wishes to indicate that it is very often observed on the supply chains of natural ingredients of peasant collection systems, which limits traceability to certain geographical areas.

We will however always specify the country  original, as well as the zoned  of production (department, district, governorate). If the place of production (distillation) is separate from the place of supply of plant materials (crops), we will specify this.


So that our products pass from nature to your hands, NARAW retraces their path for you.


For any questions regarding our policies, write to us at