NARAW-Quality Policy Products

We are aware of the importance of the quality of the products we sell to the consumer. Thus, we follow each stage of product development carefully, in order to control this quality and assure you, durably.
    NARAW offers only essential oils 100 %:
      • Pures (no adjuvant or diluent).
      • Natural (no synthesis products present or used).
      • Integrals (undetected, rectified, fractionated).
      • Chemotyped (derived from a single botanical/geographical origin).
        Each essential oil is subject to compliance with international standards issued by theISO And theAFNOR For their physicochemical quality.
            NARAW adds to this rigour particular attention to the control of the organoleptic qualities (olfactory, taste) of the products.
                With regard to vanilla and other delicatessen products, we have preceded any re-entry into stock of microbiological control, operated by an external body. The products are conditioned by our care, and stored as early as possible in their final form.
                  Require quality on every product, so that it is up to the height you deserve to demand.
                  IMPORTANT : NARAW aims to obtain the certificates guaranteeing organic quality (AB Ecocert) and the ethical nature of the products offered (For Life). These costly approaches have been delayed by the desire to prioritize our financial commitment to producers. This decision does not affect the quality of our products, all of which are obtained from partners who are aware of the importance of these two criteria.
                  If you have any questions about our policies, write to us