Alain, Madagascar

Alain, he is a Franco-Malagasy who lives a second life made of agriculture and good humor. Located in Madagascar, west of the capital, he cultivates over 100 ha of coffee, vetiver and geranium.

Its plantation is far from everything, including the use of any inputs (pesticides, fertilizers, weedkiller). The watercourse which borders its lands allows it, by means of a dam and an ingenious artisanal catchment system, to have a totally controlled irrigation.

Its rudimentary distillery offers us essential oils from vetiver  and of bourbon geranium  of exceptional quality: the adage of old pots giving the best recipes is well worth quoting.

Soon, it will allow us to offer you a 100% Arabica coffee obtained by the wet method, the first in Madagascar!

Apart from financial support for the purchase of new plants, we are working with him on a project to raise awareness of good agricultural practices, which will help surrounding farmers to diversify their income by planting species that he will buy back. the following.