NARAW - Transparency

At NARAW, we are aware that transparency and reliability are assurances that are difficult to obtain for a client in the face of the existing offer. In order to make our adventure different, we wanted to offer you the most guarantees possible on our commitment, through:

  • The relationship with our producers.  Each product presented to you comes from a real and direct relationship with partners selected during our regular trips to the field. With NARAW, no intermediaries, it's between them, you and us.
  • Of our products.  We select with professional concern the best qualities, from a hedonic and technical point of view, and provide a maximum of information relating to their origin and their manufacturing process.
  • Of their purchase price.  We guarantee the producers with whom we work a fair value, that of their work. Regularly reassessed to monitor their situation and not that of the market, our purchases are in most cases an additional financial contribution and an appreciated income diversification.
  • The selling price.  We guarantee to the customers who accompany us a margin reasonably thought in front of the existing offer, and partially remunerated to finance concrete actions. Of this value for which you agree, we undertake in return to assign it  lhalf  to finance various operations: reforestation, strengthening the autonomy of partner farmers and producers, support for rural development associations with whom we interact.

Proof of our transparency, all these actions will be subject to monthly newsletter  which will be shared with you.

Sharing does not stop here since it must also allow us, through regular consultations, to refine our action strategy and adapt it to the needs emanating from the situations observed.

If you have questions about our approach, write us at!

Together, develop the economy so that it lives from all contributions, and that it contributes to all.